Reel in the Excitement!

Wicked Tuna 2P

Game Features

The Ultimate Fishing Arcade Experience

Choose Your Battle: Wicked Tuna lets you customize your experience. Play solo or compete with a friend, the adrenaline-pumping action awaits.

Live the Dream: Play as your favorite captain/boat from the TV show, and set sail on a mission to reel in the biggest and the best. Your fishing legacy starts here!

Hook, Line, and Tickets: With a realistic fishing reel controller in your hands, your objective is to snag as many colossal fish as you can before time runs out. Secure your victory and claim your tickets!

Where the Real Meets the Reel

Wicked Tuna’s unique rotating controllers recreate the feel of actual fishing reels. When you’ve got a bite, the challenge is on – reel them in without snapping the line. With force-feedback cast/reel action and adjustable reel tension, you’ll experience the true essence of deep-sea fishing right at your fingertips.