Our #1 best selling video bowling game

Lane Master Twin

Game Features

Realistic Bowling Experience:

Roll a real ball down the lane, and our advanced sensors accurately detect the angle, speed, and spin, translating it seamlessly into the game.

Triple the Fun
  • Lane Master comes with 3 monitors – one for each player, plus an additional monitor in the middle marquee area that displays the scores for both players.
  • Operators can link up to three units, creating a “triple threat” networked piece, allowing six lanes to be connected and enhancing the fun and earnings!
Sleek Design

Lane Master is designed like a traditional alley bowler, with a durable, smooth lane surface and a stylish upright cabinet accented by mesmerizing LED lighting.

  • 42″ monitors with HD resolution.
  • Operator-friendly with easy maintenance and long-lasting quality.
  • Card swipe ready for player convenience.