Fully Immersive 5D Experience

Sailor’s Quest VR

Game Features

Hunt for Treasures and Battle Enemies

Sailor’s Quest VR offers a unique and thrilling experience, allowing 1-2 players to step into a virtual pirate’s shoes. With our state-of-the-art, upgraded HP VR headset, you’ll be transported into a breathtakingly realistic pirate world, complete with the high seas, formidable enemies, and hidden treasures.


Fully immersive 5D experience

Sailor’s Quest VR delivers high level interactive and multisensory experience. Enjoy panoramic views with high-definition crisp graphics, a surround sound system that puts you right in the middle of the action, and a motion platform that mimics the motion of the high seas – all of which add a new level of immersion to the experience.


Enhanced features with Upgraded HP VR Headset
  • A 55″ HD screen is mounted behind the players so that bystanders can witness and be part of the action.
  • Upgraded HP Reverb VR headsets
  • The VR headsets are tethered to a gantry above to prevent the headsets from being dropped.
  • The cabinet also includes safety features such as seatbelts and an emergency stop button.