Award Winning Prize Machine

Over the Edge 2P

Game Features

How To Play
  • Players must use their skills and timing to drop marbles and aim for one of the slots on the digital wheel.
  • Tap the buttons to shoot marbles onto the playfield
  • The digital wheel offers a chance to win extra tickets, extra balls, or activate the “Bonus Spin.”
  • Triggering the “Bonus Spin” activates another wheel, which, when successful, drops boxed prizes onto the pusher bed.
  • To win a prize, strategically add more marbles to push it over the edge. It’s a thrilling race to claim your collectibles.
Cabinet Features
  • Combines physical and video gameplay elements, fitting pop collectibles, small boxed prizes, and capsules.
  • Operators can tailor prize guards and can load up to 120 boxes, offering a wide range of prizes.
  • Tilt mechanism detects and prevents cheating, maintaining fair play by closing metal doors if rocking is detected.
  • Self-contained marble recycling system
  • Operators can disable the ticket option to enable vending machine-like functionality.