Octonauts (Kwazii Cat)

Game Features

Interactive Educational Mini-Games
  • Engage young minds with interactive educational mini-games on the vibrant 14″ LCD screen.
  • Explore the deep sea and learn about marine life.
  • Games are designed to enhance cognitive skills, creativity, and knowledge.
  • Encourage curiosity and hands-on learning while having fun.
  • Educational content seamlessly integrated into the entertainment experience.
Explore The Octonauts Kiddie Rides

Captain Barnacles Bear‘s submarine lets kids assume command using a joystick and button, embarking on an exciting journey alongside the pack’s leader in his distinct blue-green submersible.

Kwazii Cat‘s shark-faced submarine invites kids to plunge into thrilling adventures. They can delight in a dynamic mounted cannon shooting game on the screen.

Peso Penguin‘s boat offers an opportunity to speed through underwater courses. Peso’s craft is modeled after a blue whale, featuring a vertical monitor and a substantial joystick to gather items as you go.