Nothing But Net

To Tha Net

Game Features

Vibrant Graphics and Sound Effects

To Tha Net features a massive 65-inch LCD backboard that brings the game to life. The interactive display adds a whole new dimension to your basketball experience, making every shot, pass, and dunk feel real.

Immerse yourself in the world of basketball with vibrant graphics and electrifying sound effects. The game’s stunning visuals and audio effects make every play a thrilling experience.

Fun and Competitive Game

To Tha Net offers four thrilling stages for players to conquer. Progress through these stages, scoring points along the way, as you showcase your basketball skills. Whether you’re playing against the clock or competing with friends, each stage brings a unique challenge.

Linkable Multiplayer Fun

Want to take the competition to the next level? To Tha Net allows you to link up to 16 units, so you can have an epic showdown with friends and rivals.

Enjoy the game, regardless of your skill level, with selectable difficulty settings that cater to players of all abilities.