Big Wheels...Bigger Thrills!


Game Features

Two Thrilling Play Modes

Race Mode

  • Compete to finish first
  • Choose from 3 tracks
  • 3-lap races with up to 4 trucks
  • Earn boost power by destroying objects and taking down rivals

Mayhem Mode

  • Get the most points before time’s up
  • Select from 3 stage layouts
  • Race against 4 trucks
  • 2 minutes of mayhem with flips, jumps, destruction, and complete events
Mayhem Mode Events

King of the Hill: Climb your way to the top and stay on the hill to earn bonus points for a limited time. It’s a battle of skill and strategy as you fend off opponents vying for the crown. Can you maintain your dominance and claim the hill as your own.

Capture the Flag: Get ready for a fast-paced thrill as you strive to grab the flag and carry it without colliding with another player. Every second counts in this race for bonus points. Keep your wits about you, dodge your rivals, and showcase your flag-capturing prowess!


Explore the Roster of Monster Trucks

Choose from a variety of monster trucks, each with its own unique characteristics and abilities.