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Following the success of the new pieces at IAAPA Florida and  EAG London, everyone at UNIS is excited, looking forward to the opportunity to demo a selection from the new range of redemption games at the forthcoming Amusement Expo in Las Vegas.

Steven Tan, International Sales Manager at UNIS, is delighted at the response received following the launch of the new games in November last year. “Our machines are certainly creating lots of interest. In the video redemption class we have Safari Ranger using a reel with mechanical tension to lasso and save the animals from poachers, and the delightful Duo Drive, a great kiddie 2 player driving game with a smaller footprint to many large redemption pieces. One of the machines which has certainly packed a real punch with the operators is Beat the Goalie, a soccer themed redemption game which has proved incredibly popular at all the exhibitions so far.”

The full line up for the Amusement Expo is….

Beat the Goalie

Shoot to score and Beat the Goalie!
The popular soccer themed console and attractive LED lightning houses a fast-paced head to head competition, with repeat shooting action and very entertaining gameplay.

Aim to shoot the balls through the individual holes and beat the goalie before the time runs out! Ever seen a game like this? Head on battle? Let’s play ball!


  •  Fast-paced head to head competition
  •  Repeat shooting action and very entertaining gameplay
  •  Popular soccer themed console
  • •Beautiful design and attractive LED lightning


Bunny Pond

Squirting Good Fun!

A kiddie redemption, water gun fun game which has a smaller footprint for flexibility. Use your skill to squirt the bunnies back home, great for even the youngest of players.


  •   Cute elephant water squirter
  •   No plumbing, easy clean, any indoor location
  •   Bright and colorful cabinet, attractive to children
  •   Fun and attractive music / sounds effects


Duo Drive

Become a Tip Top Racer!
A simple yet engaging kiddie single or 2 player game. Ride either the motorbike or drive the car along the road in a race to the finish like picking up points along the way. Use the handlebars and steering wheel to avoid obstacles and pick up gold coins.

  •          Single or 2 player kiddie car / motorbike driving game
  •          Use your skill to avoid lots of obstacles on the road
  •          Pick up gold coins along the way for tickets
  •          First to cross the finishing line wins

Panning for Gold

Come and join in with the gold rush!
This innovative and fun family game takes you back to the days of the Gold Rush when everyone was looking to get rich quick!

Players use the controls to scoop up as many gold nuggets as possible within the time limit and dump their treasure onto the unique weighing platform.  The heavier the nuggets you drop onto the platform, the more tickets you win!


  •              Pan for gold nuggets floating in water
  •              4 player compact cabinet
  •               Unique weighing technology – heavier nuggets win more tickets


Pirate’s Hook – 2 Player and 4 Player Cabinets

Come Aboard and Join the Crew!

With our innovative reel mechanism this feels like real fishing!

Using the reel mechanism you lower the hook into the ocean to see how many fish you can catch and bring onto the boat. The bigger the fish the more points but look out for the junk on the sea bed… no points for catching that!  Catch the Lobster King to win the MEGA BONUS!


  • Fantastic family fishing skill game – 2-player or 4-player cabinets
  • Hook the “booty” with realistic reel tension mechanisms
  • Solo play or multi-player setting
  • Catch the Lobster King to win treasure
  • Use skill, timing and technique to win tickets
  • Attractive and bright, eye-catching graphics


Safari Ranger – 2 Player and 4 Player Cabinets

Rescue the animals in this thrilling Safari Adventure!

This safari themed 2-player and 4-player video redemption boasts a 42” LCD monitor with multiple levels of tension on the wheel mechanism with which you lasso the animals in – it feels so realistic! Help rescue safari animals using skill and timing – the bigger the animal, the higher the score!


  •                      Safari themed 2-player and 4-player video redemption
  •                      42” LCD monitor
  •                      Help rescue safari animals using skill and timing
  •                      Multiple levels of tension on wheel mechanism – feels so realistic!


Up and Away

Head for the Stars

A space travel themed skill-based redemption game. Energize the air blaster gun and to blow and guide the balls into the target. Each time a ball drops into the target your animal character will move up. Get all four balls into the targets first to “WIN” the Galaxy Bonus and win game.


  •                      Two person family game play aimed at all ages
  •                      Countdown timer to add excitement
  •                      Skill based game, accuracy and timing wins the game
  •                      Bright and attractive cabinet
  •                      Easy and fun game encouraging repeat play

Find out more at www.universal-space.com email Steven Tan sales@universal-space.com or call Debbie Gonzalez, US Sales Manager on Tel: +1-714-377-0508