Product of the Month (April 2015) – Safari Ranger


Safari Ranger SD and Safari Ranger DLX – An Insider’s Perspective

“Rescue the animals in this thrilling Safari Adventure! “

It is time we provided you with an insider’s scoop of our safari themed 2-player and 4-player video redemption game, Safari Ranger. We are delighted to report that Safari Ranger is slowly measuring itself against our always top-line, Pirate’s Hook and outperforming many of the industries’ top titles.

Below is the latest income report from a high traffic GameTime location in Miami, FL. Do note that this is not  high season earning and the revenue could double or more during peak season.


Weekly Plays
Avg. Price Per Play
Safari Ranger 4 Players
994 Plays
Fishbowl Frenzy
411 Plays
Treasure Quest
303 Plays
Crank It Revolution
304 Plays
Pirate Hook 4 Players
939 Plays
Down the Clown
749 Plays

Data collected at a GameTime location in Miami, FL

Looking at this data, operators should notice the pricing per play versus the number of plays the games are generating. Number of plays is a very strong indicator of how feasible the line could be long term. Some high value redemption and quick gameplay can generate earnings but is not necessary played a lot.
Our recommended pricing strategy for this game has always been in the US$0.60 cent to US$1.00 range. If this game is operated through a card system, then this range can be easily achieved. Likewise, the 4-player version, in an open space has proven to maximize precious earnings per-square-meter, while also becoming an outstanding decorative piece with appealing music.

Safari Ranger 4 Player

Boasts two 42” LCD monitors

back to back with 4 seats

Safari Ranger 2 Player

Boasts a 42” LCD monitors

with 2 seats

 Safari Ranger DLX 4 Player  


 Safari Range SD

The wheel mechanism for lassoing the animals has multiple levels of tension – it responds like a real rope!

Your goal is to help rescue safari animals using precision, skill, and timing. The larger the animal, the higher the score!

Machine Specifications:


W41 3/8xD111 7/8xH81 1/2(inch)
W39 3/8xD33 1/2xH70(inch)

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Post by Steven Tan, UNIS