Are you Ready to Join the Frenzy?

Emoji Frenzy

Game Features

Dynamic Playfield

Experience the Thrill: Emoji Frenzy features a dynamic horizontal digital playfield with 4 mechanic emoji heads on tracks, creating an exhilarating gaming environment.

Simple Objective: Time your taps perfectly to capture emojis as they rotate around the playfield.

Collect and Win: Win tickets for every emoji collected


Multiplayer Madness

Up to four players can join the frenzy simultaneously, adding a whole new level of excitement.


Win an Emoji Ball

Catch emojis to level up and win emoji balls.

You can also complete the emoji collection to start “Emoji Frenzy” for a chance to win emoji balls.

Individual Screens

Each station is equipped with an 8-inch LCD screen, ensuring everyone has their own view of the action.

Easy Controls

With simple tap button controls and easy-to-understand gameplay, anyone can jump right into the action.


Eye-Catching Marquee

The rotating marquee at the top adds an eye-catching spectacle, enhancing the overall visual impact and making Emoji Frenzy an attraction that is impossible to ignore.