Product News

UNIS has announced the release of its newest basketball game, To Tha Net. Scheduled to debut later this year at the IAAPA expo, this cutting-edge basketball game utilizes an impressive 65” LCD monitor backboard to display astounding computer-generated animations, complete with real-time digital prompts to encourage repeat play.

Linkable up to as many as 16 units, To Tha Net is the ultimate competitive basketball attraction. Vibrant cabinet, beautiful lights, exciting sounds, large LCD backboard and superb graphics, this basketball game has it all. “We have been testing this game in Asia since March of this year,” says UNIS General Manager Steven Tan, “the results have been remarkable. We are seeing more and more repeat plays from competitive players who are drawn to the interactivity of the game. The voice prompts really get the players going!”

Players score points to progress through 4 different stages. They can play against the clock or compete with other players for the highest score. In addition, the game comes with a camera feature to capture an image of the player’s face for the leadership board. Selectable difficulty levels cater to players of various skill levels.

UNIS will also be launching To Tha Net Jr., which will have a smaller cabinet, suitable for younger players. The LCD on this smaller version will also be able to move forward and backward to adjust the distance of the basket based on player’s inputted age.

To Tha Net is a basketball game unlike any you have seen before. The game will debut at the upcoming IAAPA expo in Orlando. Be sure to go check it out!

For more information on the game or contact details, please visit the company website https://www.unistechnology.com/