Panning for Gold

UNIS Games win BOSA Awards

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Now in its fourth year, and with strong worldwide amusement industry recognition, and The Stinger Report have announced the Best Of Show Arcade Machines Awards (BOSA) and UNIS is delighted to have two of their latest machines recognized.

Panning for Gold, the innovative and fun family game was announced as the Gold Medal Winner in the Redemption Arcade Games category, and Armed Resistance DLX, an action packed sci-fi video game got a notable mention award in the Awards.

Panning for Gold – Gold Medal WinnerPanning for Gold

Come and join in with the gold rush!
This innovative and fun family game takes you back to the days of the Gold Rush when everyone was looking to get rich quick!

Players use the controls to scoop up as many gold nuggets as possible within the time limit and dump their treasure onto the unique weighing platform.  The heavier the nuggets you drop onto the platform, the more tickets you win!

·                     Pan for gold nuggets floating in water

·                     4 player compact cabinet

·                     Unique weighing technology – heavier nuggets win more tickets



Armed Resistance DLX – Notable Mention

Thrilling action-adventure sci-fi futuristic video game

·                    6 Machines to choose from – a sports car, tank, trucks, robot reptile, helicopter and fighter plane

·                    3 stages: Harbour, Desert Storm and Ruins

·                    Single Battle mode: Destroy the enemy, destroy their enemy base, win points

·                    Linked Battle mode: Team up and destroy enemy bases

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