The Amusement Expo 2019


Thanks to everyone who visited us at the 2019 Amusement Expo(Mar 27-28, 2019)in Las Vegas! We had a great time showcasing our favorite games and the latest innovations in our games. We had the opportunity to showcase several of our games and visitors to our booth were able to try out some of our newest options.

Playing Our Games

The Amusement Expo 2019 allowed us to showcase several of our games and invite visitors to our booth to try out the nostalgic and fun games. We showcased our PONG Cocktail Table, the PONG Coffee Table, and the PONG Arcade Table to give visitors to our booth a chance to see how the different tables work. Visitors to our booth were also able to try out Coconut Bash Twin, Treasure Cove, Fantasy Soccer, the Lane Master Pro Tournament Edition, Treasure Dome, and Lane Master.

We were so excited and happy with the response from everyone who visited us at the Expo. We hope that everyone enjoyed the opportunity to try out the many games we were showcasing.

Success at the Expo

The Amusement Expo 2019 was a success on every level. Not only did we showcase several of our games and play our favorites with guests, but we were also able to explain the latest innovations that set our games apart. We enjoyed the opportunity to explain how our Atari PONG Tables and other games bring modern innovations and technology into a classic and nostalgic game.

We enjoyed the chance to play PONG and other games with guests at the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas! We hope that you had a chance to play a game and look forward to future events!