Spotlight on Safari Ranger Product of the Month

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safari ranger machine of the monthUNIS (Universal Space Video Game) is excited to give you an insider’s scoop on the performance of its new machine Safari Ranger.

Debbie Gonzalez US Sales Manager reported, “We’re excited to announce that this new game, with both 2-player and 4-player cabinets, is already performing at the high level of our current top-earners. On top of this, the price per play for Safari Ranger is smaller than its competitors, that results in more plays! Thanks to the lower price per play and our amazing new tension-based control system, this game has already proved a great hit.

Mike Abecassis, C.E.O. of GameTime continued “The response to the game play has proven positive with all age groups. Safari Ranger is a must have for all of our centers.”

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