Pirate’s Hook 2 Player

Real Reel Fishing Action!

One of a kind fishing reel mechanism…feels like real fishing!

  • Unique rotating reel handles with multiple tension settings. Pull harder for BIG FISH!
  • The bigger the fish, the higher the score. Catch the lobster, win the treasure!
  • 2 player video fishing game
  • Fast-paced gameplay requires skill and timing
  • Striking multi-color changing LED lights
  • 42” LCD monitor
  1. Insert coin(s) to start
  2. Press the button “Lower Hook” to lower the hook.
  3. Rotate the handle to reel in fish
  4. Catch as many fish as possible within the time limit. Junk Items= No Tickets.
  5. The bigger the fish, the higher the score
  6. Catch the Lobster King to win the MEGA BONUS!

Width - 1030mm / 40.6"
Depth - 850mm / 33.5"
Height - 2319mm / 91.2"
Shipping Weight - 218kg / 480lb
Smart Card Capability - No
Container Fittings - 20’ container: 10 units 40’ container: 22 units
Voltage - AC110/220V 50/60HZ