Fruit Mania

New generation redemption with skill based excitement and novelty video based pusher. There are many ways to win using fast gameplay with rapid coin shooting action. (more…)

Congo Bongo

Congo Bongo is a quite unique redemption game, no steering wheel, no buttons, but bongos to move yourself through the jungle, a motion seat and great graphic and sound effects.

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Pirate’s Hook

One of a kind fishing reel mechanism…feels like real fishing! Fast-paced gameplay with skill and timing. Unique rotating reel handles with multiple tension settings. (more…)

Astro Invasion

Throw as many balls as possible into the mouths of the robots or aliens before the time runs out! The more you toss, the higher the score. Aim the balls at the spaceship at the back to win even more tickets! (more…)

Cowboy Shootout

Aim at the targets with the laser pointer gun.  The 7 targets light up green, the more you shoot the more points you win!  If your score is over the Reward Points setting (depends on the setting, 140 points for example), you can get 10 seconds extended play time (more…)

Veggie Blast

Using the gun, aim and shoot vegetables as they pop out from all over the screen, but be careful to avoid shooting bombs! Accuracy and speed will fill the POWER bar quicker for a chance at the Lucky Wheel! Play hidden mini games to win more tickets. Gun rotates left/right and tilts up/down; 2 buttons to control the shooting.

Tubin’ Twist

Striking multi-colored changing lights, an attractive game to fill your cashbox! 100% skill-based game with high odds of winning Giant Bonus and easy linkable up to 3 units (more…)

IN THE PRESS – Vending Time

China's UNIS Takes Giant Step Into North American Amusement Market With Wide-Ranging Product Lineup


Henry Schlesinger

Photo: Pictured here is a sampling of games UNIS is marketing in North America.

MARKHAM, ON, Canada -- Even if the name isn't familiar, chances are pretty good that most American operators possess some knowledge of UNIS amusement products.