Safari Ranger Redemption Machine

This safari themed 4-player video redemption boasts a 42” LCD monitor with multiple levels of tension on the wheel mechanism with which you lasso the animals in – it feels so realistic! Help rescue safari animals using skill and timing – the bigger the animal, the higher the score!

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Panning For Gold Redemption Machine

This innovative and fun family game takes you back to the days of the Gold Rush when everyone was looking to get rich quick!

Players use the controls to scoop up as many gold nuggets as possible within the time limit and dump their treasure onto the unique weighing platform.

Pirate’s Hook Proving a Great Catch!

UNIS (Universal Space Video Game) announces that Pirate's Hook, their captivating fishing video redemption game, has now over 2,000 units shipped globally.

The family of Pirate's Hook includes the original 2 Player version, the 4 Player family unit launched at IAAPA last year, along with a single player version which has been popular in Asia and China.

Duo Drive Kiddie Game

Become a tip top racer with this single or 2 player kiddie car / motorbike driving game

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Up & Away

The second machine in the new Carnival Series is Up & Away, a fantastic, innovative redemption game using air guns to blow balls into targets to win points and move the two animal characters into space on their rockets. Aimed at the whole family, this two player redemption game is easy and fun encouraging repeat play.

Squirt A Gator

As a part of the 'Fun with Water' range Squirt A Gator, a two player skill game, is bright, fun, easy to install with no plumbing required. Squirt A Gator also has the brand new incentive of UNI VEND a 'Ticket + Prize Dual Feature' which UNIS is featuring in a small selection of their machines in 2014.

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UNIS Prize+Ticket System rolls out to the USA

Squirt A Gator has now arrived in the USA and  introduces a unique technology that we at UNIS call UNIVEND, short for Universal Vending.

This is a  new type of redemption machine, suitable for any type of location and can be operated as Tickets only, Prizes only or Tickets and Prizes combined.