UNIS launches new ball shooter: Zombie Night

UNIS launches new ball shooter: Zombie Night

Face off against hordes of hungry zombies in UNIS’ Zombie night. Interactive gameplay features both digital and physical targets! Blast away at creatures on-screen using mounted guns, but don’t forget to watch out for those physical zombies heading your way!


UNIS’ Zombie Night takes players through multiple levels and stages filled with hungry zombies! There are 4 exciting scenes to choose from, each scene has 3 stages and an intense boss fight at the end. Players use force-feedback ball blasters to shoot at targets to earn points and win tickets. To make the game more fun and interactive, both digital and physical targets are incorporated into the gameplay. UNIS’ Ryan Deane, who is the game designer behind this project says, “I love how this game has both types of targets. While players are busy blasting away at targets on-screen, they also need to watch out for ‘zombie night’ and shoot at physical zombie dolls that are moving towards you!”

We asked Ryan, so why zombies? “I chose zombies because it’s a genre that I’ve seen in the past that resonates with all age groups. Whether it’s the scary ‘Hollywood horror’ type or the cute ‘kid-friendly’ type, I knew it’s a genre that would attract players to this game.”

Vibrant graphics are shown on a 43″ display with amazing sounds and beautiful LED lights running along both sides of cabinet. The game also comes with bench seating which allows 1 to 2 players to comfortably play together.

Zombie Night will be available end of this month and will debut at IAAPA Expo in Orlando. Don’t miss the chance to see the zombies literally in action!

For more information on the game or contact details, please visit the company website https://www.unistechnology.com/

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