How Operators Are Making Use Of The New Value Series

How Operators Are Making Use Of The New Value Series

At IAAPA 2015 we launched a new exciting series of games that is supposed to fill in a budget niche in our industry. The new line is called Value Series, and today we would like to tell you how operators around the world have been making use of the low-budget package that this series represents.

We say “low-budget” because The Value Series targets the sort of centers where a game room is not the main budget article. This can include trampoline parks, soft play concepts, birthday party rooms, or even shopping malls that are thinking of placing a couple of games in their entrance foyers.

Since these spaces do not intend to give the games centre stage position, this means that the games in this niche have to be compact. More importantly though, the games have to be affordable. The Value Series targets locations where the game room is not the primary attraction. The game budgets for these sorts of projects are not as high as what redemption specific locations aim for. We’ve managed to fit this lower profile by keeping all the Value Series games priced from $3,000 to $6,000. In the market where mainstream redemption machines are approaching the price of a car ($15,000-20,000 for a new game) this is a breath of fresh air for smaller and non-game locations.

This week we saw one of our distributors in the United States – MVP – install a collection of our games in a soft-play environment. The operator – called “Little Pod” - decided to acquire a small amount of games to compliment his efforts in the center. With our new titles all priced under $6,000 we were able to accommodate Little Pod’s budget.

Below you can see the result of the installation that took place this week. Note the two 1-player games in the middle, which fit comfortably beside each other without taking a large amount of space. This sort of planning has allowed the operator to effortlessly stretch the games out along the border of his soft-play area.

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Value Series Comes To Canada

We are happy to report on another installation that happened this week. This one comes from the town of Vaughn that is situated near Toronto in Canada. The owners of a large kids entertainment center – “Playcious” – were able to make the most of the vast space that their building provided and add a game room next to their cafeteria. 10 new games fit snugly and attractively right beside the center’s enormous soft play installation. The UNIS team assisted the Ciniplex team in this installation. You can see the pictures from the center below.

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The Value Series has already already attracted customers with its great price as well as its compact size, and we only project this trend to keep going. If you have any questions regarding the machines in this series feel free to contact one of our sales offices around the world. We will be glad to help!